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Jenny's Sketchbook

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Print bundle sale!



Print bundle sale – everything must go!

No extra shipping cost – worldwide shipping!

All prints are A3 size, with a white border as shown. No other prints are available at this time, I’m afraid.

Please send your payment via PayPal to jenny(at) , and include your address and which bundle you’d like – and the prints go on their way to you next week!

If you’re in Germany, send…

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21x42 cm, watercolour and gouache on watercolour paper

Birthday present for my mum, who will turn 70 in two weeks. Based on a song by Damh the Bard.

Then I saw her reflection in the mirrored well, 
And I looked deep in her face, 
The old woman gone, a maiden now knelt in her place…

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Thanks to six weeks of fantastic support, this project has made an amazing 11,000€ on Indiegogo so far. That is a staggering 565% of the original goal of 2000. We have print cards, hardcover editions, and a tie-in booklet as stretch goals, with contributions by some really exciting authors - see picture!

The project will run for another twenty-four hours. 

Here’s your last chance to jump on board for an amazing ride, and grab up the hardcover and other goodies while you can!

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Darkness over Cannae previews

Klick here to get to Indiegogo

The crowdfunding campaign is going absolutely incredibly - so many people are excited about the book, and together, we’ve already surpassed our funding goal and are at 230% - in just four days.

So stretch goals are in order! There will now be a lovely hardcover edition for every backer over 50€ - automatically!

Some of the greatest perks are already sold out - don’t wait too long ;)

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Cannae updates

Work on “Darkness over Cannae” is in full swing. I haven’t been this deliriously happy with anything I have done in… decades?!

Finished header image!

Finished header image!

Cornelius Lentulus.

Cornelius Lentulus.

Not from "Cannae": Hannibal, wounded during the siege of Saguntum.

Not from “Cannae”: Hannibal, wounded during the siege of Saguntum.

Hannibal and Maharbal on a small hill overlooking the field prior to battle

Hannibal and Maharbal on a small hill overlooking the field prior to battle

Double page illu: Balearic slingers

Double page illu: Balearic slingers

Layout test: the Romans break through

Check out the (updated!) Project…

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